This site can’t be reached

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This site can’t be reached

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I am using godaddy as domain registrar and want to use infinityfree for hosting, I have pointed nameservers from infinityfree to godaddy, also I have changed hostname in godaddy to point to IP provided in infinityfree, but still the above error message is coming

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how to check that it is under ddos attack

ip address is

Your website is not being DDoS Attacked, but rather the IP that it is hosted on has been DDoS Attacked 3 times. This IP has been blocked to prevent Server Damage.


How to find out ddos attack on a website or ip

What should I do to make my website live again

Since you’re using Cloudflare, you need to:

  • create a CNAME record with name www and target @ or an A record with name www and as target the IP which you can find by digging the Main Domain;
  • set the SSL option to Flexible;
  • configure your WordPress so the settings look like this:
  • and then finally clear your caches.

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Thanks my website started loading but after i installed wordpress through softaculous i am not able to reach error message is showing

This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.

Did you configure the settings so that it looks like this article?


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