This site can’t be reached

Hello everyone I loved this community and how beautiful you are helping each other

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

**I’m using this software:wordpress

google chrome

**Additional information:**Also I can’t access the WordPress control panel

Please read this article, and instead of searching on Google for DigWebInterface, after the text that says to check the nameservers using DigWebInterface, use the link Admin provided you:

Thank you for trying to help me.:kissing_heart: I want to ask for something. Do you have a video explaining these steps?

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I don’t have any video explaining those steps, I’m sorry.

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Please what does this result mean .

It seems like you didn’t use the DigWebInterface link provided by the admin. I will re-quote the part where is the DigWebInterface thing, but modified to include the correct link:

After checking if your domain is affected by the issue, follow the rest of the guide I linked.

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Hi brother again I wanted to tell you that I changed the domain name from to Is this all

Yes, that’s all. You also need to wait within 72 hours for your website to work.

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In hosting here in infinityfree, I don’t do anything like that ?

Thank you very much brother my site now works well :+1::+1: you are an excellent man :ok_hand::ok_hand:

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