This site can’t be reached - Timeout Error

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

Additional information: Please assist.

The website was working perfectly since last 1-2 months. Not sure what happened all of a sudden.

Name servers are pointed correctly as well:-

Try Using Epizy Nameserver. Works For Me :no_mouth:

@ClicketyClacketyClic, that is not the solution.

@gnischay2, the IP your website is in is momentarily DDoSed by someone who loves taking down free hosting servers. The only solutions I can recommend is to wait some time until it gets fixed, or move your website to another hosting account here on InfinityFree where the IP is different than the one you have now.


how it’s working for you? :thinking:

it also gives me timed out bug

Actually I Can Still Access My Website Even In Private Window. Without Cache

So the IP you are in is not DDoSed, but it’s momentarily up. And changing nameservers to our ones instead of the Byet ones doesn’t solve the problem at all if the IP is DDoSed.

it just fixes the finished_nxdomain ( i mean the nameservers) at %50 of times

I have to say, just for .com domains after August 19 and changing the nameservers.

@anon19508339 I Also Visited Your Website In Private Window And It’s Fine.

hhh it’s working perfect to me without Private Window too

Maybe because your IP is still OK?

mine or host?

For “your IP” this time I intended “your website IP”.

Yay My Website’s Lucky!

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nvm it’s ok

We’re going offtopic again and i’ve to go

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@Ergastolator1 Thanks a lot for the reply.

Just another quick question - approximately, how much time does it take to get fixed? It has been down for a while (at least 2 days).

depending how it be. at worst change. it takes 1 month to fix

:scream::scream::scream: What The What The What The What? Even With CloudFlare DDoS Protection You Can Still Get DDoSED

We’re in the age that nothing is well secure :worried:
If it uses the protector. it means it can avoid it by 80% or probably less. probably the DDoS has used the 20%