This page isn’t working

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: " This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.

I’m using this software: I am using WordPress and Go daddy domain.

Additional information: Actually I have changed name server on domain provider’s site so I have doubted this problem maybe

caused by that action.

Please help me, thanks in advanced

Hello there,

It seems like I have a different error when I tried to visit your site, the error is DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN meaning your site’s nameservers are currently propagating since you just changed the nameservers recently.

I now have a different error on my end:
Which could probably mean that there is something wrong with your SSL certificate.
What certificate are you using? Are you using Cloudflare to provide an SSL to your site or Let’s Encrypt?

Also what version of SSL are you using?
SSL 3.0, TLS 1.2?

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When I go to your i get a ssl error.
And whrn i go to i get a 1016: Origin DNS error.

to fix the ssl error:
Set your cloudflare ssl/tls to flexible.
Set always use https to off in the edge certificates tab in the ssl/tsl section.
Make sure your Name servers are pointing to cloudflare’s name servers.
This should make https work on your site.

to fix the 1016: Origin DNS error:
Make sure your cname records are valid.

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Also what version of SSL are you using?
SSL 3.0, TLS 1.2?

How can I check it?

sir pls check it now. What is the problem now ?

Sir actually my site is working fine on my mobile. But not working on my Pc why ?

Try following what @Dev-I-J provided you.

Go to the Cloudflare dashboard and go to SSL/TLS and change your settings to flexible.

thanks sir, actually it was already set to flexible and now i am going to set tls as 1.0 to 1.3

Actually sir, I think the problem in the database. as yesterday I was changed URL by using “Better search-replace” plugin. Url- to Url- I have not any backup of database what I can do. You can check on attached image what I have done yesterday. Now when I changed site URL from Cpanel database’s table from https to http then now I am able to access the admin page. Please help as is it possible to recover this error. This was the taturial which had followed yesterday

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Hello there,

I have checked your site again and I got this error:

Basically you’re site is on a redirect loop meaning that one of your URL’s point to another URL that points back at your original URL, for example if URL X points to URL Y and then URL Y points again to URL X and the browser doesn’t really know what to display and will show an error message instead.

Make sure your WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) are the same.
If you use http://domain.exmaple to WordPress Address (URL) then also set your Site Address (URL) to http://domain.example. If you use http:// and then use https:// for the other one then it will cause the said error.

Be consistent with your Site URL if you use http:// then just use http://, if you’ll use https:// then use https://.


Sir, you telling absolutely right. Sir as I can understand in the database there was a redirect code which redirects http:// to https:// but when I changed all http:// to https:// then now that code be like it redirect https:// to https://. And sir I have to make site address and WordPress address as http:// as when I am trying to change it to https:// for both, then I lost the access of WordPress admin. You are so nice sir thanks you so much. But sir I don’t know what should I do now.

I had also experienced this error. Try following this tutorial. How to Fix Too Many Redirects in WordPress |
Hope it helps.
If not the infinityfree community is always here.

You’re welcome, glad to help out :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope this solves your problem!

Do you have any other issues that the community might want to assis you?

sir i don’t know to where i have to change http:// to https:// in the database yesterday as i have changed all http:// to https:// by using better research replace plugin

The problem might have be caused by you replacing every http with https. Is it possible to undo the changes via the plugin?
If not, I really don’t know the answer.
I will do some little research and try to find the answer because this is a very common problem.


I’m not sure whether I clearly understand what you want to say but as far as what I understand you want to change the Site Address and the WordPress Address directly in your SQL Database because you can’t edit it on WordPress.

To do that:

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Select phpMyAdmin
  3. Connect to the database of your WP software
  4. Go to wp_options
  5. Find the right stuffs and edit them

Hope I understand you correctly, sorry if this is not what you want.


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Thanks sir

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