This page is not working

I recently created a domain at epizy to test a website developed with object-oriented PHP. The problem is that when I try to login it redirects me to a page that displays the message: “This page is not working”. All static pages work and for the page that uses database it doesn’t work. Is there any way to fix this?? For testing purposes you can use the email: [email protected] and the password: 123456


This is what I see


This may help

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HTTP 500 generally means there is an error in your .htaccess of PHP code. In your case, I’m going to guess your PHP code is broken, and not working as it should.

I don’t quite understand what you mean. My .htaccess file is corrupt or some PHP file is corrupt

Not corrupt, just not coded correctly

If it wasn’t asking too much could you help me?? How do you configure your htaccess files?

I am not seeing a 404 page when you click the login button. Make sure all your files are uploaded and in the right spot, and that all your file paths are correct.

I don’t know how to solve this unfortunately. I’ve tried to delete all the files and send again but it doesn’t work, I tried to change the .htaccess files but when I do that they get a 404 error. :’(

Can you show both your PHP code and your .htaccess files? Please format the code using markdown (Surround the code with “~~~”, both above and below. )

The browser generated HTTP ERROR 500 page is generated 99.99% of the time by your PHP code crashing.

There are all kinds of reasons why it could crash. It might be an error in the code, a compatibility issue with our hosting or just a configuration issue that needs to be addressed before your code will work here.

Which of those is the case for you? Just follow the instructions in this KB article:

This should produce a usable error message which is the first step to resolving that error. If you need help making sense of the message, you can share it here so we can help. But we do need that error message to help you.


I managed to solve the problem! I added in my .htaccess file the following line: ini_set(‘display_errors’, 1);
My page reported an error calling a function and I realized that instead of calling functions I was calling constants. I just needed to change that and that was it. I don’t know because it worked on my local machine, but it’s solved.


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