This is not OK at all

Recently I deleted everything off of every subdomain I know I have at least (that’s a PHP file) and I guess my EntryProcessLimit was too high now, and my account is suspended up until 24 hours from now however I’ve replaced them with and HTML file before this happened so I’m not understanding why it’s such a big delay in notice.

The other thing is that I have 3 accounts and I’ve removed my subdomains and domains and emails from the 2, it’s been over 30 days and they’re still not deleted. I request they be deleted since it’s been over 30 days.

The entry process usage is calculated over an entire day. But if your account was suspended at a seemingly random moment when the entry process usage wasn’t high, then I don’t know why that happened. The exact methods, algorithms and figures about how these limits are calculated are a secret, only a few people within iFastNet know how it works. So why a specific account was suspended at a certain time, I don’t know.

The accounts are deleted by an inactivity cleanup system. This should happen after approximately 30 days, but I cannot check or control when this cleanup happens exactly. All I can ask you is to wait a bit longer, and please don’t touch the accounts in the mean time.

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