These are two errors shown on website Infrequently

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These error shown on my site
screen shot also attached
please resolve these issues.

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Error Message

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I think the message is quite clear.

You need to replace block_categories with block_categories_all on your site.

We can’t fix this for you, this is something you have to do.


The message you see is a deprecation notice. It’s not an error itself, it doesn’t indicate that anything is broken, it just means that something may stop working in a future version.

Looking at the message itself, I would guess your WordPress theme is using outdated code. You can either check if the theme developer released a new version that fixes this issue, ask them to fix it, or edit the code yourself to fix it (if you’re comfortable doing so).

But if you’re looking for a quick solution: just disable display_errors and WP_DEBUG or any other development/debugging flags so that deprecation notices aren’t shown. Again, this is not really an error, and doesn’t require an immediate fix.


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