There is these warning, I cant understand whatvis this?

Im about to upload my walls and I bummed with these errors, what you did?

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Error Message

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What did we do? We just blocked a dangerous security hole with disabling unserialize function.

For your problem you might need to change your php version to 7.4


Thanks, now the warning hanging above

Notice : Trying to access array offset on value of type null in /home/vol6_5/ on line 140

Nvm. Its piwigo, not you. Anyway unblocked my IP address so I can fix using my PC.
see below, never had this problem with your site before.

Edit. I tried with VPN, and it worked, but Unblocked my real IP, will you?

Disable phperrors log and they won’t show.

I just checked main page and i see a shiny green padlock.

There is NO IP in our blocklist, but it’s possible that your ISP has done that.


It is very possible as BayoDino stated that your ISP is indeed blocking, as BT (Over in the UK) blocked and forced change the IP address, hence making chrome annoyed as the IP address doesnt match the certificated

Edit: Hello, Can you open the certificate and show us what the ‘error’ is, this may help us troubleshoot if your ISP is indeed blocking you.


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