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Hello infinity free, thanks for your great service, but i have a little problem.

Ive installed wordpress on my website, directly in the htdocs map, but it still gives me the 403 forbidden alert, I have deleted the htacces and changed it with wordpress settings so it has to be good, i have a valid index.php in the map so it has to work… hope you can help me out

and your website URL is ?

The website is

i’ve noticed that i can acces it with my mobile device with no problem, so maybe my browser (opera) is the problem??

Its working on my end :slight_smile:
the browser must allow cookies
so make sure you do not have any ads blockers or similar plugins that interfere with cookies

Thanks for the help, what browser are you working with?

I use Firefox (but it does not matter)

clean your browser cache How to clear cache and cookies on Opera - Pureinfotech

and your mobile device uses WIFI?
the same network as the device on which the opera is?

I ask it because I do not know
you may have put some security plugins that blocked your IP

It’s working know after cleaning the browser cache, all works fine now in my browser.
Thanks for your help and time.

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mainly that 403 error occurs if the htdocs folder is empty ( there is no index.php or index.html)
and it may also be a problem with server :grimacing:

probably yours was empty during the first browser visit and the browser put that 403 page it in the cache

No it wasnt empty, i know how it works… but only didnt know cookies chache could be a problem

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