The ticket support isnt helping

i created a two sites i see that one site get ddos atack but they suspended my both site whenever i try to talk they say

in that i also asked for backup but they sayed you need to find a ddos protected hosting provider
to migrate both my sites are just this information about ddos the biggest thing is in this image it will cause head pain to me those image are below me if any one can help me like admin or staff please give me my backup

images i want to share are below this message

this is last please help me

We can’t change what they say, it’s for the servers safety that, you website, may become a DDoS target, and will knockdown more servers, ask them for a backup.

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hmm maybe but they isnt listning and helping at that point i think that was a automated message

Nope,it isn’t a automated message,If you think it is an automated message,try contacting them at

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It’s the same person, don’t bother @lollol I hate to say it, but we simply aren’t the top priority, they could as easily say ‘No backups, your suspended, now pack your bags’, Because the free hosting support is actually premium support, It does, however look like they kept copying similar texts, but, They have paying customers to deal with.

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