The site is unavailable


Why is my website not working

i think you just need to wait 24 - 48 hours it can take some time until a site would work

or if you use a vpn try disabling it and trying again but that does not mean it would work for everybody when you disable it if you have one

I tried disabling the VPN but it doesn’t work

have you waited 24-48 hours after creating the account?


thats strange is your sites ip one of the ips thats down?


no is the sites ip one of those you dont need to open a ip or is that your ip?

This is my IP

It works for some and not for others

it is probably due to DNS propagation - if that subdomain was created within 72 hours

fix this


i wont reply anymore if it does not work yet just wait the site now also loads for me

if it does not work just wait a couple hours or days

This account was created a year ago

what should i fix can you give me one
Send a YouTube video explaining this

Then probably the hosting is making some corrections related to NS, because recently I saw that nameservers throw out wrong data, etc.

Or it is some other problem like DDoS on nameservers that then fail to respond in an adequate time.

  1. Ideally, all the resources your website uses should be contained in its directory
    and not to call files from another domain - because you will get a CORS problem.

  2. Mixed content!
    When HTTPS is used, all resources should be requested via the HTTPS protocol and not via HTTP.
    That means, in the source of your website (code), you need to call that image or some other resource via the HTTPS protocol.

not http image


Should I disable HTTPS

No ! because nowadays HTTPS is a normal thing
HTTP is no longer used

What you need is to edit your .htaccess or whatever you have and say that the error pages (custom)
they are no longer at this location

but here (on your new subdomain)

plus everything I listed in previous posts

I assume you just copied the code from one website to another
but now the locations are no longer suitable for some resources.
or you use “parked”

in any case, take it slow and first study the problem and then go to correcting the problems


Do you mean this?

that’s right

that process you took a screenshot will generate a file called .htaccess in root of your subdomain dir.
you can also open it with monstaFTP and edit it as you wish
so you can solve it manually

but you must also have error pages (files e.g. 404.php, 403.html , etc.) at that new address
in some directory (probably you already have it if you copied everything from the previous subdomain)

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it doesn’t work