The site is experiencing technical difficulties

Whenever i update any plugin or sometime install any wordpress plugin it shows same message and after that it says update failed what to do. this is happening on my 2 sites.

You can install/update plugins via FTP. See this tutorial to know how to do it.

now i’m using this method but this method take so long to complete

It depends on your connection or the speed of the FTP server. WordPress plugin installation by the wp-admin is limited by the max_execution_time of 20 seconds, so if your connection is too slow or the FTP is slow, sometimes it stops the update.

If you’re using FileZilla, you can generally speed up the transfer by increasing the number of simultaneous connections in the FTP client. Normally, FileZilla uploads two files at a time, but can upload up to ten files simultaneously.

But depending on the number of files in the upload and your latency to the FTP server, it can still take a long time to complete. However, you can simply do something else while the transfer is running and it’s basically guaranteed to work. This is unlike any complicated migration or installation scripts, which might take just as long to set up, but may not even work at all.

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