The servers won't work

Username epiz_27036543
Hosting Volume vol2_5
Main Domain (doesn’t even work)

So it’s about my website: , it works for me, or in my region(not sure) but doesn’t work for any other country( I tested with VPN ), and cannot communicate with services like Google Search Engine or Analytics, or even a sitemap generator. I somehow can communicate to the services thru DNS TXT and CNAME protocols. Else, the experience on INFINITYFREE is great, just some small bugs, that are ok for the price of FREE.(ex.: FTP not connecting to server, cannot download more files at once, cannot upload too many files at once.

Hello there,

That’s normal, the main domain should redirect to a suspended page.

I can’t access your site here as well.
Screenshot 2020-10-24 055613

When did you add this domain here on InfinityFree and when did you change your nameservers?

I created my account today, I had my website already, just uploaded it, the domain was added a few hours ago, and I changed the nameservers at the same time, but I swapped them a lot as I needed to complete my SSL certificate, so I think they got 1-2 hours of activity without any changes.

Please take note that it takes up to 24-48 hours for your DNS to fully propagate.

You may also refer to this KB article:


Yes, I read that it can take up to 24-48 h, just wondering why it works for me?

Here’s the screenshot:

Your DNS might have already propagated in your region while on other regions it still hasn’t, like mine.

DNS takes up to 24-48 hours to FULLY propagate worldwide.


Alright! Then I will wait for 48 hours maximum and come back if doesn’t remediate, thank you a lot for trying to help me!

You’re welcome.

You can also use to check if your site’s DNS is already resolvable on other regions:


That is very helpfull!! Thank you a lot! Didn’t knew this tool even existed.

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