The selected custom domain is already in use

My website URL is:

Error Message

The selected custom domain is already in use on InfinityFree. Please remove the custom domain from your other account at InfinityFree before you can add it to a new account.” - I own the domain but I do not know which account I have the domain attached to.

Hello there,

Where did you host your domain before moving to InfinityFree?
Make sure to delete your domain first on your old hosting provider.

Also make sure that you didn’t already register/add your domain here on InfinityFree before.


Hmm, the error message seems wrong though. The domain name isn’t assigned to an account with us, but to a MyOwnFreeHost reseller account. Please contact iFastNet to get your domain removed from there.


Try to change DNS to use custom nameservers and change them

He can’t do that, because:

So the Admin is right and he should contact iFastNet to get the domain removed from the reseller account.


I don’t know where I have registered before

How can I call iFastnet?

I think Hetzner is one of IFastNet resellers.
First, contact Hetzner if your domain is fully cancelled.
Second, if Hetzner support couldn’t solve this issue, contact IFastNet.

Contact them directly here since you’re a MoFH reseller:

Just create an account and login and create a support ticket that you want your domain to be removed as a reseller.


iFastNet doesn’t have phone support. You can contact them through their ticket system at

Hetzner is (primarily) a German server rental company. They own multiple data centers, they are not a reseller of iFastNet. They are in no way related to iFastNet.


Thanks @Admin, my bad.

Hi there

problem solved

Best Regrads

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