The selected custom domain is already in use on InfinityFree


The selected custom domain( is already in use on InfinityFree.
I know that this issue is not new and have searched the forums. Please remove this website from the previous account I have added CNAME record as suggested by the Admin in the previous posts.

This is fully wide the iFastNet range of resellers, infinityfree is one of them.
If any other MOFH based website is using your domain, it will too show in the same system.

So remove it from ALL the vPanels.
If you havent done that, contact iFastNet for this, they will help surely.

Thanks but before making a topic here I checked the nameservers and they were pointed towards Infinity Free. So I am sure if you could unbind the domain from previous owner, it would solve my issue. Contacting iFastNet would be the longer way if it can be done by admin like done for many similar previous issues. Thanks.

No it doesn’t work like that.
Not advertising, but MOFH is iFastNet’s reseller plan.
So if your reseller is an MOFH reseller, all are counted in the same network.

Could you please link to that previous post? I remember using that method once before, but I’m having trouble retrieving what the instructions was I gave then.

And this account is assigned to an InfinityFree account, not another reseller on the platform.


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