The selected custom domain is already in use and cannot be added

not able to add domain name

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What is the domain name? As the error message states, the domain is in use elsewhere, you need to remove it from the previous account first.

5 Likes domain name … 1st time am using this website

Have you used this domain on another free hosting provider based on ifastnet network?


I looked up the domain, and as far as I can tell, you did use this website before.

This domain name is currently linked to a hosting account owned under a different email address. Looking at the login history, I’m guessing that other profile is also controlled by you. The domain name you’re trying to add is linked to an account that’s currently deactivated.

And, as you were told when you deactivated that account, any domains linked to the account when you deactivate it will remain linked to the account. If you want to use this domain on a different account, please login with the other email address, reactivate the old account and delete the domain from there. After that, you can use it on your new account right away.


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