The selected custom domain is already in use and cannot be added to an account

Hello!, I have added nameserver (NS1.EPIZY.COM $ NS2.EPIZY.COM) I want to add the domain as a custom domain. But why does it say that the selected custom domain is already in use and cannot be added to an account? If I added this domain to any account before, please remove it

What domain?

Well, this is free hosting. Do it yourself


Is it a all new domain or you are planning t
move it from one host to another?If you are migrating,you probably wanted to delete your account at other hosting services.Then try again to see if the issue still exists.
Sharing your domain could also help a little since others can check your domain if it is properly set.

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Domain name

It seem that your nameservers are not correctly set.Change it to and
If you believe you already changed that,double check it.Maybe something went wrong with the domain provider.


Please delete domain from Aeonfree before adding it over here


Please check the name server again I have updated the name server,

Still the domain is not being added, please help me

Do you removed your account at your old host?
It was probably because your old host is also built on the iFastNet network and thus will be considered “in use”.


Correction: The AeonFree IS built on the iFastNet network.So you MUST remove your old account before you can use it here.


My previous host was I changed the name server but I don’t know why the website is still there.

Right now nameserver
ns1.epizy. com
ns2.epizy. com

I can’t remove my website from previous hosting As far as I know the website automatically goes off when the name server is changed.

How can I instantly remove a website from my previous hosting?


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