The right persistent cache for my website?


persistant object cache is not enabled

(Your hosting provider can tell you if a persistent object cache can be enabled on your site.)

(A persistent object cache makes my site’s database more efficient, resulting in faster load times because WordPress can retrieve my site’s content and settings much more quickly.
so i need the right persistant cache to be enabled on my website)

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Do you have a very large Wordpress site? You might not need it.

I found this info online:

Not all sites may require, or even benefit from, a persistent object cache.

A persistent object cache can provide significant performance improvements for large sites with lots of visitors. It works by storing frequently requested resources (objects) in system memory. This way, your site does not need to invoke PHP and MySQL every time a request is made or part of a page (like the comment section) is updated.

Redis and Memcached are two of the most popular persistent object cache tools, and both of them can be configured to work well for WordPress.


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