The required CNAME record could not be found

Hi there I have been trying to activate the SSL certificate, My CNAME records appear to be ready. but I receive the next two messages:

The required CNAME record could not be found. The required CNAME record could not be found.

When I go to custom CNAME records there is nothing there, when I try to ad them It´ll let me add just one of them.

No idea what else to do. Help is super appreciated

Add the CNAME record, then you may have to wait a while.

Hi there,

That’s strange, maybe it’s just a misbehaviour.
Try re-adding your CNAME records again.

If you are about to add a CNAME record could you please provide a screenshot to us here so that we will know if you configured them correctly?


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What do you mean it will let you just add one of them? You can enter as many CNAME records as you want, with the only restriction that you can’t use the same Record Name twice.

I checked your CNAME records section and there isn’t any record there.


hi, i also have the same problem, you just can’t record the data on the panel

I’m sorry, but I have absolutely no idea what this statement means.


Cnamerecords.pdf (60.4 KB) SSL Certificates for elherbalista.pdf (61.6 KB)

I’m looking at the printed page you sent, and I see the CNAME records are correct. I also see the CNAME records are correct in our nameservers, your domain name is configured correctly to use our nameservers and our SSL certificates system has confirmed your CNAME records are correct.

So I don’t know what has changed since a week ago and now, but it’s working now.

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