The putenv function is disabled

Hello, I installed on my account the script that I bought on CodeCanyon. When I open the script installer, I get an error.  The error is in the function putenv is disabled. Could you turn it on, please?  and

Hello, no.

Is the script BeMusic by any chance? As far as I know, everyone who asked about that extension wanted to install BeMusic. Which is a music uploading site, which we don’t allow to begin with.

No, but this script from the developer Be Music. Template editor.

Well, can you turn this feature on?

privet191 said:
Well, can you turn this feature on?
No, we can't do that. Free hosting doesn't support enabling extensions for individual accounts, and we can't change server settings just like that for millions of websites just because one person asks for it.

And the putenv extension itself has some considerable security risk.

Also, I cannot find any good reason why a piece of software would have to use the putenv extension. The only reason I can find why you would use it is if you need to pass data to a shell command (which is blocked on most shared hosting services, including our free service) or when using pcntl (which is also disabled).

If I were you, I'd submit a bug report with the developer asking them why the putenv extension is required and whether it's possible to refactor it out.