The problem of images and logos not appearing on the WordPress site

لقطة الشاشة 2023-08-21 144616

Could you provide a URL to your website, please?


Mixed content!

When HTTPS is used, all resources should be requested via the HTTPS protocol and not via HTTP.
Please use the plugin from the article (SSL Insecure Content Fixer):

Also, your site uses Elementor:

Oh, and since there was an email to my email address: there is no need for emails if I can help directly through the forum.


Thank you so much i will read this and i will try to fix it

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Do You Have A Video Because I Try But No Result

On the guides I linked to, there is no video, so you’ll have to follow them step-by-step. If you prefer a video, there are some on YouTube, so try doing a quick YouTube search for “how to fix mixed content on Elementor” and you should find them.