The plugin woocommerce failed to add

(1) My domain uses the WordPress to make the plugin woocommerce individually.
(2) The wp-admin said plugin woocommerce update failed.
(3) I check woocommerce is in plugin list.
(4) As I active the woocommerce, my domain no more works.
(5) As I deactive the woocommerce, my domain comes back to work
Therefore, I cannot add the plugin woocommerce successfully.

[1] At beginning, I use the Starter Templates to add the plugin.
[2] Then it said the woocommerce failed to plugin.
[3] I force the plugin to go. It no more complain the plugin issues of woocommerce.
[4] Later, a lot of other figures just repeatedly to plugin and fails. It runs out of time and makes my account to be suspended.
[5] So, as my account comes back, I plugin the woocommerce individually.
[6] As shown above, the individually plugin of woocommerce still fails.
How can I fix this plugin problem of woocommerce and etc.?

Hello there,

You may want to refer to this Knowledge Base article:

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