The main panel doesn't load

Hi everyone

I entered the panel several minutes ago but it’s still loading or charging. It’s in “loading…”
the side options and logout buttons if they appear but the main menu does not. i clean the cache and change my browser but still the same problem.

what can i do or what else needs to be processed?

user: epiz_25381265

I’m sorry, but which “panel” do you mean? The control panel? Client area? Something on your website?


hi admin! i think is the main panel.
here the screen:

I see you have quite a few browser extensions I don’t recognize. Are any of them ad blockers or tracking blockers? If so, could you disable them and see if that helps?

The control panel code also loads in the ads displayed in the panel. If you have browser extension interfering with that, they could break the panel code entirely.


Thanks for the tip, admin! i´ve found the “No Mining” extension have block the control panel. i disabled it and now everything goes fine.

Thanks for your support!

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