The failure of Plugin with Upload of Woocommerce Zip file

[1] I use the starter template to install the theme, it fails to install the woocommerce.
[2] Then I try to install the woocommerce individually with the plug, it still fails.
[3] Then I try to upload the woocommerce Zip files to install the woocommerce,
as shown in the following screen dump,
my domain even cannot upload the woocommerce of Zip files.

  Would you tell me what can I do?

You may need to install the plugin via FTP. This KB article from the step I linked to should help about that.


You may need to install the plugin via FTP.

Do I need to unzip the file first, then upload the unzipped woocommerce files?

You need to extract the zip file then upload the extracted folder on your htdocs/wp-content/plugins/ folder.


I try doing that and it just gave me errors and even when I deleted the plugin via FTP and reinstalling, nothing work, so I gave up and used prestashop. I as well need help installing WooCommerce

Can you please create a new topic and describe the issues there? It’s not confirmed yet that @MinMingTarng has the same issues as you do, which means that you are hijacking this topic with a possibly different issue.

And in the topic, can you please explain a LOT more about the issue? We need much more specific information than “it just gave me errors” and “nothing work” in order to figure out what the issue is.


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