the certificate you have entered does not match the current private key

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the certificate you have entered does not match the current private key

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Can you please tell us where you got your SSL certificate from? (InfinityFree control panel, ZeroSSL, LetsEncript, etc.)

Similar to this?

99.99% of the time, you get this error because of what the message suggests: you’re trying to upload a certificate that does not match the private key you have uploaded.

If you’re getting the certificate from a place that also generates a private key for you (like our Free SSL Certificates tool), then please check that the private key in the control panel matches the one provided by the certificate provider. If not, replace the private key currently there with the one from the certificate provider.

If the certificate provider did not generate a private key for you, then you must have provided them with a CSR. But if the private key currently uploaded to the panel doesn’t correspond to the CSR you sent to your certificate provider, then the certificate can’t be used. If so, the most straight forward way to proceed is to generate a new private key and CSR (you can do this through our control panel) and get your SSL provider to Reissue the certificate with the new CSR. You will then get a new certificate that matches the private key.


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