The certificate you entered does not match the current private key

Hi. I’m having the same problem. I uploaded the private key and then the certificate, (both generated in the client area), but it still gives this error message. I checked whether the message was incorrect, and it had been uploaded fully, but I still get ’ This site can’t provide a secure connection’, even after clearing my browser cache. Any idea what i could be doing wrong?

Can you make a new topic for that/your problem? So we could further continue the discussion? Instead of hijacking this other topic? @pscmrecords

I moved your posts to a new topic. Don’t hijack existing topics about your issue; next time the post will be flagged as off topic and deleted.

As for your issue, maybe try to read only this part of article first?


Can I also know your website link and an screenshot of where the exact problem occured?

It’s fixed now - sorry for waisting your time. The problem appears to lie in my inability to read


Okay… We’re glad to know that! Always comeback if you face a problem!

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