Thanks InfinityFree

Thank you so much InfinityFree! My experience on InfinityFree is great. I recommend InfinityFree to everyone to host websites for free without even spending a cent! InfinityFree Tips: 1: Add more features or some features found in the paid version. 2: make this service modern, as the interface is very old (for me). 3: upgrade your servers, because they are fast but sometimes they are slow and therefore this could cause inconvenience.

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Thanks for sharing your amazing experience!

Like what?

What part of the interface is old? The Client Area just got a redesign a few months ago.

Servers are being upgraded all the time in order to give you the best possible experience. Note that since you also share servers with other users, the server may seem slow because many other websites are active at the same time.


in the sense of adding a new file manager, in short, the most common things that are not in InfinityFree. Warning: I could be wrong, I’m new to InfinityFree. Anyway I’m Italian, a greeting from Italy!

Online file managers always cause problems because there is not a good way to upload/download files using FTP over HTTP. That is why we recommend using FileZilla, as it is nearly impossible that an online service could possibly be better than it.


cPanel’s built-in file manager works really nicely. But that runs directly on the server, which with the way the free hosting platform is setup is really hard to do. I do think it would be very useful, but I don’t expect it will be available soon.

And naturally, not every premium feature is going to be available on free hosting, because then what would be the purpose of premium hosting?

It looks like cPanel, which is what most hosting providers use.

But I admit, there are other panels with more modern looks.

From what I know about the servers, most sites run on high end hardware of the latest generation. Think Zen2/3 AMD EPYC processors, NVMe storage, and so on. So the hosting already runs on some of the best hardware you can buy right.

But with the number of accounts we need to put on them to make the service free means you won’t get all of that server power to yourself.


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