Text message problem involving website URL

My website URL is http://rplsa8.epizy.com

There is no error message involved.

When I send a text message on my Galaxy phone, if my website URL is in the body of the message, it shows as being sent on my phone but the intended receiver does not get it. This only occurs with epizy URL–other URLs do not cause this problem. I have found info where any URL in a message caused it to not be received but that does not apply to my situation. Any ideas? Thanks.

I haven’t seen any such situation till now, but I found this, it maybe (or not) be helpful:

We’re a web hosting service, not a mobile carrier. We only can make sure that your website URL shows your website, we have no control over text messages you sent.

I agree with the link shared by @jaikrishna.t that this is most likely some kind of spam blocking done by either your carrier or the carrier of the receiver.

I would suggest to contact your carrier first and ask them why the message doesn’t come through, and perhaps ask the receiver to do the same.

Because even if a mobile carrier is blocking our domains, it’s still the mobile carrier doing the blocking. We have no control about who blocks us, only those who block us do.


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