Temporary System Issue


iFastNet’s DNS has failed and customers are unable to access their websites nor the control panel or the iFastNet Support line! This also effects users here as this is powered by iFastNet Premiun Hosting.

We believe this issue effects customers worldwide however, we can only explicitly confirm this issue from the United Kingdom. We were alerted by a uptime monitoring company that monitors uptime from across the world. However, we were unable to identify the country the server that identified the downtime was situated in. Therefore, we couldn’t give you any further details.

We are actively investigating the issue and we will alert you the moment the DNS comes online.

Warm Regards,


IFastNet is slowly coming back online!

I can confirm that there was an error with the DNS servers which caused websites to be unavailable for around 45 minutes earlier today. Fortunately, our skilled server administrators were able to resolve the issue promptly. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.