Temporarily Suspended…

(http://digiversetechsolutions.kesug.com) Website URL

The error is as follows:
Your account has been suspended because you have reached RAM limits.
Your account will be reactivated after 24 hours.
This error is a constantly recurring error. Even though 24 hours have passed, time is given again.
When I click to get support with a ticket, the support page does not open.

I have the same issue! Would like to know what to do and how to find out, what uses the RAM. And how to monitor the account while its always disabled/suspended…

You cannot submit a ticket for a daily limit suspension. There is nothing staff can do for you: we don’t have additional information to tell you why your RAM usage is so high, and your account will be reactivated anyways automatically after 24 hours. Tickets are only available for permanent/abuse suspensions where the account should be reviewed by staff.

As for why your site is reaching the limits, I see your site is using both Elementor and a backup plugin (Updraft). Both of those are known to cause very high server load, so please try removing them and see if that helps reduce server usage.

We don’t have additional information either other than the Account Statistics in the client area.


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