Temporarily Suspended

Temporarily Suspended…

Account Number and name: epiz_31793450 and www.sarrafiye.net

The error is as follows:
Your account has been suspended because you have reached RAM limits.
Your account will be reactivated after 24 hours.
This error is a constantly recurring error. Even though 24 hours have passed, time is given again.
When I click to get support with a ticket, the support page does not open.
Thanks a lot. Enjoy your work.

can you help me?

it is strange that the support ticket isnt opening, there may be a temporary issue ? Admin / Mods should be able to check this one

Something in your website code is heavily using system resources (RAM)

Please provided details about the software you are running on your website

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If you are encountering a suspension loop, you may want to point your domain to other nameservers to break the cycle. Then check your code for anything that may cause RAM limits to be exceeded


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