Tar command

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

The tar command is not available. Please correctly configure it in your “config.inc.php”

The configuration of my PHP site is assuming that the tar command is in the following location (i understand this is the default for linux).

This is a snippet from my configuration file:

; tar (used in backup plugin, translation packaging)
tar = /bin/tar

Could someone tell me the correct path or if its possible to install it on the server?

Thanks in advance!

Other Information

I am hosting an Open Journal System (GitHub - pkp/ojs: Open Journal Systems is open source software to manage scholarly journals.)

You can’t install the tar archiver on free hosting, because it requires shell access to the server which free hosting doesn’t have.


@Ergastolator1 thanks for your reply, maybe its possible for an admin to install it?

@Admin is it possible to install the tar command? i am just troubleshooting my way until i have a functional site, i won’t require to install commands regularly

I don’t think Admin will make an exception.

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Sorry @borafael, but it’s not allowed and possible unless you upgrade and it’s a rule. Rules can’t have exceptions as it won’t be fair so therefore it is unlikely that the admin will make exception this time.

Only business hosting has SSH access.


That’s what I meant.

I mean premium hosting doesn’t have SSH access either.

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I think there is no way to open tar command.

Even though Admin will, there is no way activate it since it will be on BUSINESS plans.

The IFastNet will prohibited that feature on FREE plans and they only will activate it on higher plans like the BUSINESS plan.

*Based on what I read on IFastNet’s promos.

The tar command is probably installed already, it’s quite a basic system utility. But since there is no way to run system commands, you can’t use it.



To clarify, there is no way something like the following works right?


(there is no way to execute shell commands, even through server side PHP)

If so, is it a premium account the only way of being able to run shell commands?


Only business hosting supports Ssh access


Just in case, i do not need SSH access, i’m just executing PHP code that under the hood executes shell commands (mainly the tar command).

That is correct. All functions which let you execute system commands are disabled on free hosting.

For premium hosting, I’m not sure. You could ask iFastNet about that.


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