System Limitations being taken up even though analytics don't match

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Your account was suspended because you hit the Entry Process Limits

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I have no PHP code or any backgrounding code running in my website. it is all static. Also, it is showing that I hit the limit only a couple mintes after the “day” started. This must be your system’s issue based on your documentation since I’m not using any PHP or any AJAX reqeusts.


Are you using cloudflares under attack mode? Those take up alot of your process limits if not lmk😊

Nope, i am not

Hmm… It shouldnt. Maybe it was a ddos attack as those happen quite frequently here. Even thought the day has just started as its bots that ddos. I had 5 websites ddosed. if possible just send me the url ill see what i can do

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Your account is suspended for hitting the Entry Process limit. As far as I know, Entry Processes are only created for PHP scripts. But the documentation about what an Entry Process is is quite vague, so I’m not completely sure.

I would check your account for any possible reasons why this could happen, but I can’t access it since it’s suspended right now.

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There’s no PHP on my website at all, it just a static except for a little bit of javascript, but there’s not AJAX requests

Well from the cPanel documentation it says how most-the-time entry proccesses, scripts like php-cgi count. This forum post helps explain them in more detail


Reading the CloudLinux docs again:

It seems like it would count all concurrent web requests. PHP code is the biggest factor for this, since PHP processes last much longer, but even requests to static files create Apache processes, which means they also generate entry processes. They are negligible in most cases, but apparently not this time.


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