Symfony PHP Framework

how can i upload my project created by symfony (filesize about 52 MB with 10.000 Files) to infinityfree?

  • zip files is restricted for free user,
  • filezilla will never be an option because it looks like takes forever for first upload, and and so on for the next release upload
  • using php class zip only extract root files and outside directory, then stopped, and never extract subdirectory and files inside it

any alternative?

Extract files locally then upload via ftp

Use other ftp programs like winSCP etc.
If your internet speed is slow, uploading will be slow as well

Free hosting does not support directory outside htdocs. Is that what you mean?


Deploying and re-deploying externally developed software to a hosting account is painful, because it’s not really a use case that web hosting was designed for. It works best if yu have a CMS with a built-in updater you can just install once and run after that. With Git and SSH access it’s a lot easier, but our hosting doesn’t have that.

We’re not restricting anything in particular for zip files specifically. There is the file size limit, yes, but PHP ZipArchive should just work like it does anywhere else.

The FileZilla way is indeed slow, but it does work reliably.


change the settings of file zilla to upload 8 file at the same time
i think will take 1h maximum to upload 10k file😉

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