This is the message I get when I’m trying to access my website:

Seems like the issue we once had is back or it’s only me experiencing it. But I can’t access my website because of this. Please help I need access so bad, it’s a business website. thank you.

Your website could be suspended or it could be because of DNS Propagation.


Please search the forum for a question similar to your before posting. Thanks.

To answer your question, your website is blocked for 24 hours for one or more of the following reasons. There is nothing we can do to get your site back sooner.

  1. ###NOT A CAUSE###
  2. You have reached your daily hit limit (You can see this in your cPannel/VistaPannel)
  3. You have reached your CPU limit
  4. You have a chat or otherwise banned script on your site
  5. You did something with your account or site that is not allowed

@admin may be able to tell you what caused this if you are unsure.

Hope this helps you out!


Thank you.

I have thought I would receive a warning as usual via email for CPU limit usage.

As far as I can tell, we did send the notification email, but it was rejected because the mailbox was full.

Again, if your site is down, always start by checking the client area first. You can clearly see the account is suspended and that we had trouble emailing you.


this does not lead to a suspension, it just means no new uploads


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