hm ok i got suspended why?

i just opened this a day or so ago and its suspended with legitimate software.

Hello @xensor.

Please before you ask us something about suspensions take a look at pinned topic on top.

You have to submit a ticket on XVHost system. Then after some time you will be contacted back. We use automatic suspension system. We don’t use workers who work and suspend people accounts instead automatic scripted system does it.

This system tends to suspend innocent accounts, but that’s because it suspends those kind of hosting accounts who upload files or install scripts that are commonly used by exploiters, hackers, crackers and others.

It’s not that bad at all. It has have stopped many bad people from doing their illegal stuff on our hosting too.

Warm regards,


i installed mybb and a script that lets me add news to my site. i did customizations but nothing else. i did have a domain added but i dont see that being a issue.

We’d love to check why your account is suspended, but please submit a ticket so we can discuss it in private.