My website got a cpu restriction wich i did not know was possible with php
I thought php only takes storage space but i was wrong

But one thing Nothing has happened for 2 months no updates no new logins just made a mc plugin for it to make it easier to register, report and stuff

What can i do?

Sorry CPU limit was raeached
not restricted

I know upgrading to premium is a great option but i can’t right now
How ever i can disable some futures
I made that a thing in my website

Please read this article to learn more about the CPU limit and how to reduce it:

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i did

I read it and i see

I just did not know php can use so much cpu

But i guess 4000 php codes Can do alot

PHP code is not just some text which needs to be stored. It’s also programming code which is executed on the server, which means it takes memory and processing power on the server to run.

Note that the number of PHP files doesn’t matter that much for CPU usage though. Please see the article again, it explains what can cause high CPU usage.


Ok i see
I have too many codes that gets executed
Logins, Registrations, 25 diffrent pages that have 24 - 50 diffrent codes that gets executed in my admin CP

I understand now

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