suspended without any daily hits no users no trafic no search engine robots only one user why?

Hi there , i have some troubles with my forum this is my account username epiz_19340970
last night i checked my forum i worked on it 5 month ago i left it work without any problems but last knight i loved to add some new updates i loged in as admin after few minuts the website fall down without any logic reason can you fix this because i didnt have this issue before evry thing was perfect when i left it 5 month ago
thank you.

I’m sorry, but what do you expect people to fix? Your website exceeded the daily entry process usage quota, so it was suspended. It will be reactivated automatically 24 hours after the suspension.

Note that exceeding the entry process limit is not necessary caused by having a lot of visitors. You can read more about what an entry process is and how the limit works here: