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Suspended for abuse

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I submitted a support ticket but it was closed immediately so I can’t reply. Google analytics doesn’t show I’ve exceeded the allowed hits, so I’ve no idea what “abuse” is referred to. If the free account can’t be reactivated, I need instructions on how to switch to a premium account or a back up of the site sent to me so I can move it elsewhere. Thanks!

Even though you have been suspended, you should be able to log in to cPanel, correct?
Once you log in, follow the link below or click the button in the picture below.


Excellent, thank you. If they don’t get back to me to explain the suspension at least I have the option to upgrade (and move to a more customer friendly service).


Glad you could figure it out! If you need help transferring your account, follow this guide:


Please note that Google Analytics is not a reliable measure of hits.

Google Analytics doesn’t track hits in the first place. The smallest unit they track is page views.

And Google Analytics works by running Javascript in the browser of the visitor. If the visitor blocks Javascript, uses ad/tracking blockers that block Analytics, or load files or pages that don’t have Google Analytics code, you won’t see their traffic in your Analytics stats.


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