Suspended Site After adding freenom domain

New Domain, old domain:

Recently Added a domain as an addon domain, saw the new domain redirect to the old one. Removed the old domain from domain list and now getting suspended domain because new → redirect to old .


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If you want the websites to show the same content, setup the new domain as a parked domain instead.

  1. Remove the domain from the addon section

  2. Remove all redirects from the old domain

  3. Add the new domain in the “Parked Domains” section.

  4. Add your files to the original /htdocs folder. Your site will now show on both domains.

If you want to remove your original domain, let me know.

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I only want the new one to show the content. I think my new domain it redirecting to the old one which is removed/suspended manually

How can i stop the redirect? There are none set in vistapanel or htaccess

Ok to me


Your new domain works good, but I am not redirected from your old domain. Add this code to your .htaccess file in the root (/htdocs) folder on the old domain.

Redirect 301 / http://newdomain.tld
is already deleted from subdomain

Hmmm probably just propergation taking forever! Thanks for all the help anyway

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