Suspended Hosting

All my hosting accounts were deleted and i’m unsure why, i have opened 2 support tickets but they get closed without a response? I’m not sure why they were all suspended and i have alot of valuable files stored on the sites using infinity free… Could someone help me or let me know what i did or if i can restore these files??

If you never backup, then it is gone permanently.


just if not backed up all of the data is gone. just see i even has so many sites now it is not loading.

if you has a back up (you have to take it) not infinty free then safe

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Wow, so infinity free could suspend me at any time and keep all my files. This is unbelievable.

It says that in the terms and conditions that you are responsible for taking a backup of your files, and that InfinityFree is not responsible for them. Accounts are only suspended with valid reason, not just because “We want to”.

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@CoolGozo69 see it not like that there will be a real reason please you go to the account and check for deactivation history and really read the terms and condition sometime a specific content which you feel fine can violate the terms.

So there is no reason that infinity free would suspend for no reason just check for it if it was a temporary suspend you have to wait 24 hours / more max 48 hours ( sometimes as per my experience this may even take 3-4 days very rare )

You can take a back up using file zilla to your local machine.

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FTP is disabled for suspended accounts.


Would you rather have we’d just delete your data without warning? So there would be no opportunity at all for your account to be reactivated or backups to be provided?


ya true

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