Suspended free hosting

i use bootsrap this is my template…

but until i started using ssl cert generated via infinity free service i didnt have issues getting suspended due to exceeding processes.
i also was not able to switch to a different name server while suspended.
do u keep the dns blocked while suspended for 24 hrs ?
can u advice on suspension why my domains name servers when changed to a different name from ns1 epizy somehow would not take effect even though if i were to deactivate my account, it woukd work immediately? is suspension blocking the dns name server change?
is ssl generating precesses that causes to exceed the limitation of resources you provide within free hosting?
would i have any issue if i were to purchase shared hosting 19.99/year?

We don’t lock your nameservers during suspension.(WE DON’T HAVE ANY CONTROL ON YOUR DOMAIN).
And overuse of resources…(Your website may have got many visitors[it is non predictable])

Nope,it doesn’t matter

The ressources for your account will be increased.(I recommend premium hosting[my personal opinion ])


thanks for your reply, much appreciated

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