Suspended domain

Hey please need help I deleted the account that I had inorder do create a fresh account using my domain name I did everything was good I installed wp but when I tried to access to my website I got a msg that my domain is suspended
So I went to namechap chnage my hostname to cloudflare and now am getting 404 page not found
Please help me to fix this I’ll send you a screenshot of my dsn setting on cloudflare please tell me if anything wrong there and need to be changed
Thanks in advance

All looks good to me. Note that DNS changes can take 72 hours to take effect.

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Your DNS settings don’t look good to me. I suggest to make the following changes:

  1. Delete the records for the cpanel, ftp and mx names. Our hosting doesn’t use them, and they won’t work with Cloudflare proxy enabled anyways.

  2. Please check the Website IP shown in the client area for your new hosting account, and make sure that for and you only have one A record pointing to that IP address. Any A records pointing to any other IP must be removed.

One way you may see a page on your site is because your domain is pointing to a website IP address that doesn’t have an active account for the domain. If you kept the records pointing the domain to your old account, you’ll be redirected to


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