Suspended Domain

This page was working fine this morning

But as I try to access it now it is redirected to this page

I haven’t receive any notice. About this changes
Did I violate any rules ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello there,

Please check in the Client Area to verify if your site was suspended because of abuse or just hitting a limit.

If the status of your hosting account is “Active” and not “Suspended” then the reason why your site is redirecting to the suspended domain page is probably because of a maintenance with the server in which your site is hosted, since iFastNet has been migrating websites to their new servers with better hardware it would make sense that your site is affected by this. So this could be a temporary issue, which you’ll need to wait a few hours and check back if your site is working fine again.


I’ve check it, it has an ACTIVE status…

I think, like what you have said. I will just wait.

Thank you for immediate response @UnknownLolz :slight_smile:
Hope the domain will be back soon.

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Yeah you will have to wait 24 hours after the suspension.

your site seems to be active.still having the same problem?

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