Suspended Domain / Kindly Check My Problem

Hello Support Team
i recently bought a new domain and i putted the name server to it.
but when i go to the link it shows some random page saying directory listing, and when i click on my old domain wich is free and provided by infinityfree it says suspended domain with Ifast net ads
the same thing with the main domain
i don’t know what happened, i still can get access to my control panel.
Kindly Check My Problem, waiting for feedback

Now with CloudFlare DNS ( is pointing to via a CNAME record (checked using; maybe they have DDoSed the BODIS domain after I accessed it many times), while the domain is working fine (upload the files on if you want to upload them).
The Main Domain is used to point your addon / parked domains, after adding them on the Control Panel, via another DNS service! And that’s why you can’t access it directly. Even the IP access is not allowed because of the “403 Forbidden” error.
If you want to add the same subdomain ( again after removing it from the Control Panel, use the Subdomains section of the Control Panel, write “superarketer” and on the dropdown menu select “”, then wait within 72 hours for DNS propagation.

the same thing with the main domain

I said this before with the Main Domain:

The Directory Listing means your domain is all set up and you are ready to upload your website. But since the domain was likely added as an addon domain, there is no website to show yet.

This domain name is currently not assigned to any hosting account. Unused domain names are redirected to parking pages.

This is normal. The “main domain” is an internal identifier, and cannot be used to host a website.

What problems do you experience with the control panel?

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