Suspended Domain for no reason

my username is epiz_29197969 and I got a problem with one of my websites. I think that the InfinityFree team decided to suspend my website for an unknown reason (they said “abuse”). My website was never suspended before and now I am really upset because I don’t know what i did. Moreovever, when i tried to create a “ticket” i got always an error. Please help me

Yes, the hosting platform is having an issue so creating or replying to tickets doesn’t work. Please try again later.

Also, not being able to create a ticket to ask for a reason doesn’t mean there is no reason. We never suspend accounts for no reason.


@Emanuels, Welcome to the forum!
What type of content your website has? It might be against the terms of service, so they might have have categorized it as ‘abusive’.

I would like to create a Graphic Agency with wordpress and woocoomerce. I don’t think that this is the reason. I really don’t know which TOS I violate. I always thought this was the best free hosting and I really wanted to start from here but maybe I passed some limit (as I said I don’t know which)

Yes, I am sorry maybe you have right. I thought you have bots that decide which website to suspend, and they may be wrong (it’s already happend that websites were shouted down for no reason, but everything was always solved).
I don’t really know why my website was shouted down I’m just trying to figure out the reason behind this decision.

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There is some automated decision making involved in account suspensions, yes. But “an abuse scanner found something bad” is a valid reason for suspension. If that’s what happened, then your account was not suspended “for no reason”.

So submit a ticket from the client area and ask it!

The hosting API issues were resolved, so submitting the ticket should work now.

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