Suspended because I hit the Entry Process Limits

Hello Merry Christmas!
Yesterday I created an account to host a website. I installed Wordpress, I generated a Let’s Encrypt certificate, I downloaded a theme and started to modify it for my use, all good.
At some point while testing how the changes looked I received some error messages to access the database, refreshing the page they solved. However minutes later my account was suspended due to Entry Process Limits.
As the access error to the database solved itself, what would be the way to avoid this in the future?

Regards. [epiz_27530379]

How to avoid to hit Entry Process Limits

  • Reduce AJAX Request
  • Make your website a little bit static
  • Use caching plugin
  • Don’t install plugin too much
  • Don’t refresh the page frequently

I really appreciate your advice, I’ll try
Thanks a lot.

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