Suspended automatically how?

Hello my website Kingex organization whales is suspended please fix don’t know why

Check your client area.

There should be a section called “deactivation history” in your account management area.


It shows temporary for mysql I don’t know why

Yea. You hit the MySQL limits. Please wait 24hrs. It’ll be reactivated automatically


Means they are not unlimited

But why is take a bit time ? To load can I cache it.
And that means it is not Fully unlimited :confounded:

Yes. If your website took lot of server resources that’d lead up to server overload and it’ll make your and others website slow as a snail/ not even working. So yes, we have limits. Hope this clears your doubts. If anything reply.

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Like I have explained to other people, nothing is unlimited.

Don’t get mad when high reputation and good hosting sites that say they have “unlimited resources” put limits on things too.


So that means dey rugged :eyes:,
They lied.
But why do they have limts in upload.
I suppose to be able to upload a 100gb of file to server .

You pay nothing to infinityfree, don’t expect them to give you that much power. Unlimited is if you are only having a regular web hosting, no limit also can cause crimes to be done on this hosting by scammer customers.


No, you don’t. We provide free website hosting, not free huge backup storage hosting.

And note that we don’t say “unlimited database power” either. So if you start to hammer it with heavy queries, we need to take action to stop you from overloading the servers.



U see you are here at infinityfree don’t go after its name because it’s only for attraction ! They have huge limits on every aspect of hosting. If you get angry on this they will say “nothing is free”. Again don’t go after their homepage contains because real thing is their terms and conditions. As soon I got to know this I immediately shifted from here. This hosting is only suitable for a basic static website with few visitors. Don’t expect infinity from it and if you do accept there are many good hosting providers out there

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True :heavy_check_mark:, site strong text is running on thier server but thier SSL is annoying

I see your site is static , I highly recommend to use for it, don’t worry about SSL they provide it under 2 minutes all for free ! Additionally you will get 10× speed. :smile:

lmao. Then why are you still here? :joy:

Mr. Random Numbers,
The OP’s account was banned for SQL Limits. As stated here.

As stated in the above quote the OP uses MySQL tables. Netlify doesn’t support MySQL. Hence, It wont work. If it is a static site, he is more than happy to move to Netlify.



Infinity Free offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth- not unlimited SQL or CPU power. That being said even paid hosts with “unlimited” resources have a true limit for disk space and bandwidth (just like IF does) it’s just not something a normal user would reach. If you do reach it than you’re likely doing something other than web hosting…


Honestly I could get mad at them for saying “infinityfree”, but the truth is that there are a lot more websites that use much more horrible tactics to draw customers.

Companies were born to compete, don’t expect them to go straight forward with you.

Ps: Always read the fine print!

Fineprint like this!

Fineprint ?