Suspended Account


Hello ladies and gentlemen, before I come to say my issue, I would like to thank you all for your support, my skills and knowledge now is quite remarkable and surely infinityfree team has been my God given knowledge base. Please feel blessed :pray:

My issue today after quite along time without hassles is as said on the topic subject. My account has been suspended as I was working around Facebook API, am scrapping some data from my Facebook pages for data analysis so I configured my domain in Facebook developer dashboard. Unfortunately my account was suspended whilst testing. The code that I was using wasn’t that big of a deal because it is just for a temporary use, later will incorporate Facebook API accordingly.

Am looking forward to seeing my account re activated.

Thank You


Welcome back to the forum!

Unfortunately, we are not able to help you as we do not handle the ticket system, iFastNet does. In the Client Area, create a ticket (it should be a big red button in a big red banner) and wait for a response. That is all that I can help with, sorry.


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