Suspended account

the website username is epiz_31139454

Hello my site has been suspended I create a ticket so I’m always getting the same message

Please do reply to this ticket if you have any further queries and we will happily assist.

I say I wanted to reactivate my account but I always get this message can anyone help me??


To reactivate you just need to wait 24h after hitting the minimum DAILY usage CPU for the free version…but if you are not happy
please upgrade you account here with no limitations starting from 3$ monthly

Your account was suspended for what?

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That is incorrect.

If you can access the ticket support system, you account was permanently suspended. Please note that no one on this forum (With the exception of Admin) can help you fix this. When Admin comes online he will take a look at your account.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


he said site was suspended, not account lol

Both words are used interchangeably (Although incorrectly) here. As I explained in my PM to you, if a user can access the ticket support system, the hosting account has been permanently suspended, and waiting will not be the solution (Except in a very few cases).

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the account was activated because I abused the host but I did not abuse the host

hi yes i sent this i’m waiting until the admin sees this topic to be able to help me since i’m always getting the same answer telling me to send it again to clear the doubt

I checked your account and I see it was suspended because we received a report regarding phishing on your account.

We have a strict zero tolerance policy regarding phishing content, and do not reactivate phishing content or provide backups of sites containing phishing content.


weird because i’ll be honest the site is an answer and question site and people have to create an account to use it, right like all sites so i’m not understanding if this is a site programming error

It’s just that before publishing the site I tried many antiviruses like the total virus etc, and they were all negative

But thanks for the help and sorry for the problem that happened

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